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Numberphile is made possible by support from the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), based in Berkeley, California.

The best mathematicians from around the world come to MSRI - usually for a semester - to target hot research topics. Sort of like a mathematical "Dream Team" or "Avengers Assemble"!

You can read more about MSRI at the institute's website.

MSRI and Numberphile

In addition to reseach, MSRI is also involved with outreach and education.

In 2014 the institute joined forces with Numberphile, allowing us to continue making YouTube videos.

As a result, Numberphile will have opportunities to visit the centre and interview the visiting experts - a chance to pick their mathematical minds. We'll continue showing that mathematics has a fascinating history but is also "alive" with new breakthroughs.

Of course Numberphile remains entirely independent and will keep making its quirky range of films. You never know what might come next.

Familiar faces from previous videos - people like James Grime, Tony Padilla and Matt Parker - will keep sharing their love of all things number-related. And our occasional forays into the world of numbers away from maths will also continue.

And of course it's worth noting any personal opinions (or mistakes!) in Numberphile videos are usually my own.

Brady Haran
January, 2014

Brady Haran
Brady Haran